SEO Basics # 4: What Is A Slug? & How to Optimize it?

what is slug? and how to optimize it?
what is slug? and how to optimize it?

Slug is a part of an URL which identifies a specific page on your website in a form readable & understandable by users. and it explains the page’s content.

SEO Advantages

The SEO advantage of a slug is that you could change words in there to make sure that it has words that you really intend to rank for. and it is part of On-page SEO optimization.

because it’s one of the indicators to Google of just what a page is about. It’s additionally one of the things that users see in the search results.

WordPress Slug

In WordPress, it’s the editable piece of your URL that you could simply edit it when writing a new article or a new post.

Keep in mind that this only collaborates with the appropriate permalink setup. It looks like this:


How To Optimize it?

Exactly what are the things you have to think about when building the ideal slug for your post or page? Let’s go over a number of characteristics you need to keep in mind:

1 – Keep it short, but descriptive

The URL of your post or your page is shown in Search engines results, for example, Google search results. When it’s revealed, Google highlights the matching words from the search query.

So when you edit the Slug of your post/page keep that in mind and make it short, so the search engine can show link and highlight it.

2 – No Stop Words

Do not use stop words like “a”, “the”, “is”, “and” and similar stop words. keep it clean and filter these stop words.

3 – Clean and makes sense

Remove all the words that you don’t need. Make sure it still makes sense though. In the case of this post, WordPress automatically creates it “SEO-basics-4-what-is-a-slug-how-to-optimize-it” based on my permalink settings.

But I just reduced it manually to “SEO-basics-slug”. I can also remove “SEO-basics” to keep it just “slug” and it will work perfectly. but I need to keep it “SEO-basics-slug” for SEO reasons.

Make sure also that the slug of your page or your post should be unique, I mean you can’t just use the same one for another page or post on your website.

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