How To Write SEO Friendly Content | The Ultimate Guide

write SEO friendly Content?
How to write SEO friendly Content?

Many followers keep asking me How to write SEO friendly content, article, or blog post? so I decided to answer your question in this Fully informative post. The Best way to get laser targeted traffic for your oldest articles or blog posts is making them SEO friendly content.

Because only search engines will keep sending traffic to your oldest articles or blog posts in the long run.

How To Write SEO Friendly Content?

write SEO friendly contentI’m running 6 blogs, besides my writing service, with 30+ Authors from Almost 25 countries around the world. all of them are native speakers.

But in fact, The quality of the content isn’t everything, it’s just 1 of many factors that lead to producing a very High quality and SEO friendly content.

Whenever I hire a new content writer (author) to work on one of my blogs or a project for one of my clients, I always give him full Guide on how to write the most effective and SEO friendly content (article/Blog post).

But today, after receiving your questions regarding this topic, I decided to write this post, so let’s do it.

Important Note: Writing SEO Friendly content is considered as a method of On-page SEO

Step #1: Do Some Research

The first thing you really need to think about is the Keyword, you might have heard this advice before maybe million times.

That’s why the Keyword is most important part of your article that will drive more traffic from search engines. even if you stopped sharing your content on your social media.

writing seo friendly contentIf you have actually been writing for some time, you probably know that 95% of your organic traffic is coming just from 5% of your posts. To puts it simply, you are probably obtaining a maximum quantity of search engine traffic from just a few articles.

Have you ever asked your self why these articles are getting a lot of traffic? while other articles not?? Well, the answer is you might have done something right. right?

The answer is, some of your articles got placed on the first page of the search engines for keywords that have a number of searches by users.

How to start with Keyword search?

Keyword research is the process of targeting the right keyword for your article or blog post. If you really desire to grow your blog or your website in a brief period of time.

There are many ways to start your keyword search, some of them are free, while others is a paid services.



  • SEMrush.
  • Ahrefs.
  • and many more.

Please Note: we do not work or marketing (affiliate) to any SEO Agencies.

Step #2: Title & Meta Title

Now after doing your Keyword search, and already got the right keyword(s) in hand, it’s time to start writing the best content that is optimized for both visitors of your website and also Search Engines.

You must understand the distinction between title and meta title.

Title: is just how your visitor sees the title of the article on your website.
Meta title: Just how search engines show your article in search engine result.

Your post title will be dealt with as the meta title if you have actually not defined a meta title in your SEO writing.

It is necessary to have your keywords/Key-phrases in the meta title.

How to optimize your article Title & Meta Title?

If you are using WordPress as your platform, there is many free and paid plugins that will help you.

  • SEO by Yoast (Free & Paid Premium).
  • All in one SEO ( Free & Paid premium).
  • And many other plugins.

Now, after installing the right plugin, whenever you write a new article or blog post, just drop to the end of the page to the SEO section.

Then go to the SEO title and include it there. this SEO title what will be shown in search engines.

Step #3: Meta Description

This Image below is a screenshot of the writing process of this post you are reading right now.

Meta Description
here you can write your article/blog post’s Meta Description

Most popular SEO plugins enable you to include a meta description for your post.

You have to include your keyword phrases and also produce a description that is very Attractive for users to click on it.

That meta description will be shown in Search results.

As you can see in the Image, am using Yoast SEO Premium plugin, to analyze my post and optimize it for SEO, All Green.

In case you didn’t add Meta Descriptions to your old posts, i suggest you should start adding it right now.

Step #4: Image Alt attribute

Search engines algorithms do not read images, but image alt attributes makes it easier for search engines to recognize images.

Alt attribute
Put your Alt attribute here!

Many Bloggers do name the images 01, 001, A001 etc. actually this is A BIG MISTAKE. if you are one of them you should stop doing that.

Instead, write the Keyword or key-phrase as a title of your image, then write alt attribute.

Image alt attributes helps search engines understand what is this image about, so write the best alt attribute. and it should contain the main keyword of your post.

There is a plugin called SEO Friendly Image. you can use it to optimize your images for SEO. or you can do it normally.

Step #5: Headings and Sub-Headings

It’s Highly recommended to use headings like H1, H2, H3, etc.

but do not forget to include your main keyword in at least 1 or 2 headings. And each one must not be followed by more than 300 words.

Beside the Importance of headings for SEO, it will stylish your post/article for best user experience. Especially for the long posts.

If you are using an SEO Optimized Theme for your WordPress website, by default the Title of your post will be in H1, So next heading in your post should be in H2 tags. and so on.

STEP #6: Slug And Permalinks

when it comes to optimizing your slug, I have already written a post for it, please click here for more information about: what is Slug and How to Optimized it

Step #7: Internal & External Links

Internal link:

When you create a new post on your blog, You must link back to old post so that viewers will remain on your website for a longer time.

And also search engines can re-crawl these old articles/posts to generate new traffic to your website.

This helps in much better navigability of your site. And reduces the bounce rate (another crucial SEO variable).

When you link to an old post, you must use the Anchor text. for example when I write (What is SEO) I already wrote a post about this topic so it’s better to link this new article to this post like this: What is SEO?

Anchor text will help search engine recognize what is this link leading to? and what is the content of this page is about.

External link:

Linking your content to High Authority website like Wikipedia for example. will give both visitors and search engines the perspective that your website is providing trustworthy information.

Linking to external high authority website is very helpful for SEO.


Now all you need to start writing SEO friendly content is read all important points in this post and use it in your writing process. I guarantee it will be SEO Friendly Content.

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